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Should You be Opting for an Indoor or an Outdoor Vertical Garden?.

By Aikta Srivastava


So, you have read about the vertical garden, and you’ve set your mind on having one. But along with its attraction and necessity, comes the daunting decision-making of whether you should have it indoors or outdoors.

Here are some key criteria to help you decide.

Enchanting Indoors

1. Whether your space is cozy or generous, you want to enhance it with an added sense of height and depth.

2. Do you entertain people mostly indoors? It’s time to make the space livelier. A vertical garden gives your guests, food for thought. It acts as a starter and brings more hunger to your mutual communication.

3. Do you have a wall that’s bland and boring? Every time you go past it, do you want to put it away or fill it with something that would take away its mediocrity?Here’s the ultimate fix: Go big; build a walled garden right up to its ceiling! Before you know, it becomes the masterpiece you can’t get past without giving it a second look.

4. How about making bathrooms more refreshing than ever? Build a vertical garden around the mirror or frame it on a wall. It gives you the required early morning boost you didn’t know you were missing. And what an added delight to the guests!

5. Do you want your space to have more to say? A vertical garden adds mystery and excitement.

6. You want to have daily-need herbs for your kitchen, ready to be plucked fresh.

7. You want to be able to access the exuberant view while moving around in the house.

8. Do you want to just experiment? Start small by hanging plants on walls, ladders, plywood frames, hanging ropes, wire meshes, windows, and see how you feel about it. Hanging vertical garden also give your space an architectural diversity.

Reclaim the Outdoors

1. Let’s start with the most basic and prominent factor: you receive endearing sunlight. You have a free energy source waiting to be utilized. Why not go ahead and tap it with a flourishing outdoor vertical garden?

2. Is your outdoor space compact? It will still be enough for a vertical garden which not only makes it come alive but also provides it the depth that it might have lacked before.

3. Whether it’s children, guests, clients, or you yourself, sometimes we all need a little temptation to enjoy being outside. A vertical garden makes an exciting anchor for just that.

4. You feel exposed. A privacy screen made of the vertical garden helps reclaim your privacy without using hideous methods.

5. You have a bland wall on the outside, an unsightly window ac unit or a stained water pipe that needs to be disguised and made graceful. A vertical garden comes to your rescue!

6. You want to have more architectural elements. You can build an archway entry made of plants or have creepers run wild along the fences. The only limit here being your imagination.

7. You want to have better access to fresh veggies, salads, fruits and unlimited options of green décor.

8. The last criterion being your immense love for plants! You don’t want to go big; you want to go huge.

Both indoor and outdoor vertical gardens add an incomparable and detailed richness to your space. And who’s to say you can have only one when you can have the best of both worlds!

Need further help with making the right decision? We’re here to take your worries away.

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