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Factors to keep in mind before you go big with your balcony garden.

By Aikta Srivastava


You give your balcony one good look, you scan your thoughts and decide it’s time to have plants. You could have flowers blooming, some edibles waiting to be chopped and eaten, and all will be easy-breezy, right?


Plants need ample nourishment, and like people, they have different needs; they thrive in a different environment; they need different quantities of water, sunlight, wind, space. Diving into having a garden without much planning is not at all recommended! It could take a toll and leave you disappointed.

Hence, here are some factors that shouldn’t be ignored to achieve maximum out of your garden.

What is your purpose?

With a balcony garden, you get to have the best of both outdoor and indoor gardens. But there’s always one motive you’re more inclined to - décor, leisure, food or privacy. Hence, it’s better to figure it out sooner than later.

Does your balcony get too windy? Is the sunlight harsh?

Not all plants need extensive sunlight. And even the ones that do need good sunlight, don’t need it several hours a day. Hence, it’s important to plant only the ones that can thrive or build a little shade mechanism so your darling plants don’t receive a rude treatment from the sun.

Can it withstand the weight?

Would you like to see the floor of your balcony being shoved down by the weight of the plants and the pots? Not every floor is built to take the weight, hence don’t forget to weigh this factor.

How much maintenance can you do on your own?

Go only as diverse with the plants as much you can maintain, whether daily, 2 times a week, weekends, or monthly. If you still want to have diversified plants, consider hiring someone for their regular maintenance. If plants suffer because of the lack of it, the loss will cost you more than the maintenance costs.

Do you have kids or pets?

Do they frequently come over? Some plants though fascinating, can be a little poisonous when consumed. Hence, it’s important to fully take care that you’re putting any such plants out of reach of kids and pets.

Greenhouse with colorful folding chair

How much is the space?

If the floor can sufficiently take the weight, is there enough space in your balcony? If not, either putting too many plants makes it feel like clutter, or you have to go with only a couple of them. In this case, when your space is at a premium, you can go with having a vertical garden in your balcony.

Prepare the budget.

Do you really need grown plants? Or can you grow on your own with some help and patience? It makes a huge difference. Unless urgent, go with the seeds or saplings.

Is someone always around to take care?

What happens when you go for a visit or a vacation? You wouldn’t like to come back only to see half of your plants are already struggling hard to sustain, or maybe dead. Do you hire somebody to take care of the plants? Do you ask your neighbour? Do you set up an automatic irrigation system beforehand?

Do you have a reliable source to find out the right products?

Don’t forget to check if you need special permission for keeping one!

If you have a lack of time or trouble determining the kind of arrangement that will be the best fit for your balcony, simply schedule a consultation with us. We’re loaded with options that are ready to take your worries away.

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