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Why your home needs a Balcony Garden?.

By Aikta Srivastava

Having your own garden or a nearby park is a luxury nowadays. As space is increasingly becoming constricted, a balcony garden is a perfect solution if you’re looking to have a patch of green, whether in your house, office, shop or school.

Why should you go for it?

Today, when there’s no limit to the sources which distract and zap your energy, a few minutes with greenery refreshes you like nothing else.

The dollops of colors, the blooming leaves and the joy of watching your plants grow, are unmatched. When built strategically, a balcony garden becomes your private space where you can rebuild your energy and steal a few minutes to relax. All that’s left is a book in hand, a cup of tea, a relaxing chair on a pleasant day.

Having a balcony garden also gives texture to your space, much beyond what the wall paint, the fur and the furniture can offer. It has the added benefit when you prefer more privacy from your surrounding areas, especially in the urban settlements where space is crunched and it gets harder to avoid the peeping and snooping neighbors.

Whether you require herbs, spices, veggies, fragrance or pure decoration, a balcony garden gives you the opportunity to have it all!

They also grant you the perfect opportunity to match the outdoors and indoors. In a more compact space, balcony gardens act as great extensions and offer variety to
your home décor. You can find more details on what plants will fit best for your

And how could we ignore, how crucial it is to go green! The weather gets hotter year by year in most parts of the world, thus every patch of green you construct is the one step you take towards saving the environment.

What if your balcony doesn’t seem like the right fit?

Does your balcony not receive enough sunlight? Is it heavily shaded? If you think
your space is tiny, there’s still no reason for you to get disheartened; wait till I tell you the spaces we’ve designed so far.

There are certainly several factors to keep in mind before you go big with your
balcony garden.
If you have the lack of time or trouble determining the kind of
arrangement that will be the best fit for your balcony, simply schedule a consultation with us. We’re loaded with options that are ready to take your worries away.

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