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10 Easy Hacks for your Home Garden.

By Aikta Srivastava


There are tons of things that you tend to throw away daily which instead could have been skillfully used for your home garden. Although Gardenly does it all for you from designing to maintenance. But who is stopping you from giving your garden your own twist!

Here are some easy hacks to follow along if you want your garden to flourish like never before.

1.  Cinnamon powder can prevent diseases for your new seedlings

Under the right circumstances, fungal growth can happen almost anywhere. And new plants and seedlings are especially prone to them. Sprinkling some cinnamon powder on them can reduce the bacterial or fungal growth and also give a good smell to your garden.

2.   Make a DIY watering can at home

They say plastic can be reused in multiple ways. Well, get ready to make your watering cans out of old soft drink bottles or even your oil cans. It’s really easy - heat up a needle and poke a few holes in the lid of the can and you are good to go. Free-flowing water and very suitable for your planters.

3.   Use Citrus peel and eggshells to start seeds

Those lime fruits or any citrus fruit with a thick inside can work for this hack. Cut the top half of the fruit and peel out the insides leaving the shell. Put soil and the seedling in it - this is great to provide the right nutrients for the plant.

You can do the same with eggshells. Without breaking the eggshell - take out the insides by breaking only the top part. Now, put the soil and the plant. This is a great nutrient source providing calcium and magnesium to your plants.

4.    Grind Your Eggshells to use as a fertilizer

Eggshells are great in calcium and is a very healthy nutrient source for your plants. A few times in a month - grind your eggshells up and sprinkle them on your plants.

5.    Keep Plants Watered for days when traveling

Ah! A crucial hack for your travel days. Make tightly bound cloth strips long enough to reach your pots from the floor. Dip one end in a glass of water and the other end on top of your soil. You can do this for all your potted plants so that they never go hungry.

6.  Kill Weeds Using Vinegar

This, in general, is a great tip if you have random places in your home supporting weed growth. Just spray some vinegar over the weed plant and once the moisture goes away - the weed plant slowly dies.

7.   Use cooking water to fertilize plants

A sustainable way of watering your plants - recycle vegetable or egg boiling water. But wait for it to cool down before pouring this nutrient-rich mixture into your plants.

8.   Check soil pH at home

If you are a plant enthusiast - this hack is for you. We all know that certain plants need the right soil medium to grow. If the soil is too acidic or alkaline things won’t go good for your plants in the long run.

Take some soil in two glasses. In one put vinegar, if bubbling noise is heard - the soil is alkaline. In another put baking powder and water, if bubbling noise is heard - the soil is acidic.

9.    Make Your Own Compost!

The best thing to do with leftover vegetables or eggshells or even cooked food is to start your own home composting. Best to be done in a big plastic container (similar to a large rectangular dustbin) and put some soil in there. Now just keep throwing your leftovers and wait for them to disintegrate (the time depends). Mix the soil and the compost is ready.

10.   Pinching, deadheading, and pruning

This is an important step if you want your plants to bloom and grow. Schedule a day in a week and prune or pinch away all dead leaves or flowers. This will also keep diseases away and push new growth.

A Bonus Hack for all Plant Owners!

Make your DIY plant bugs and mosquito repeller. Make a paste of mint and garlic enough for a liquid spray of 400ml. Mix it with soap water and put the mixture in a spray can. This will not only remove bugs but also provide a shine to your plants. Go try it today!

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