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Get your Garden Maintained by Us

A garden is a perfect retreat from all the hassles of daily life. And maintaining a garden is a different task altogether. Enroll with us to give your gardens a touch of our expert hands - our maintenance team will work all around the year to make sure your gardens stay their natural selves.


Our Offerings

Gardenly Team welcomes you into our overgrowing family. We thank you for giving us the chance to transform your home into a living garden. And as planters and nature enthusiasts, we take upon ourselves the duty to maintain your garden so that you feel at ease and spend time enjoying your garden space.

Gardenly gives you a 2 months complimentary maintenance service to make sure the new plants adjust well to their new home. Post that you can opt for our Gardenly prime maintenance maintanance.

Opting for a maintenance maintanance will ensure that our maintenance team will be supporting your beautiful garden with their expertise. Making sure you can invest all your time doing what 'you' want.

BALCONYOne Time Visit (On Request)RS 600
Quarterly Maintenance PackageRS 1800
Half Yearly Maintenance PackageRS 3500
Annual Maintenance PackageRS 6700
TERRACEOne Time Visit (On Request)RS 850
Quarterly Maintenance PackageRS 2550
Half Yearly Maintenance PackageRS 4900
Annual Maintenance PackageRS 9200
LANDSCAPING (100 ‐ 500 SQ FT)One Time Visit (On Request)RS 1200
Quarterly Maintenance PackageRS 3800
Half Yearly Maintenance PackageRS 7100
Annual Maintenance PackageRS 13500