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What is a Vertical Garden?
Vertical gardens, also called green walls or living walls, are a wonderful concept for urban spaces. They add freshness, act as mood-boosters and when built on external walls, they’re eye-candies to the passers-by.
Why You Should Build a Vertical Garden?

They have a cooling and calming effect, which makes them all the more perfect for client meetings, office receptions and hospitals. They also boost grandeur of a space by bringing awareness towards the height of the space.

There's no limit on where you can set up these gardens: walls, ladders, plywood frames, hanging ropes, wire meshes, windows, your work desk. (That versatile.)

We are very content with the results of our Vertical Garden. The job was done extremely well and was finished as planned. Small problems that happened were solved quickly and efficiently. It has completely changed the look of our walls.Govind Rao

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Frequently Asked Question

Here is where you’ll find answers to the most common questions Gardenly team has heard so far. If you can’t find the answer related to vertical gardens, please CONTACT US.

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